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Interior design trends are always changing and the world of design is always fun and exciting. Changing your interior space is a great way of elevating and transforming a room and you can be as creative and bold as you like to reflect your taste and preferences.

When it comes to trends, many people do not realize that they can start in another country and trickle into theirs. Whether it’s a hint of a certain trend or the full force of it, designers will begin to embrace it and will include it in their interior design projects. The effects are so strong that the trends will reach everyday consumers by appearing in department stores and you will be able to see the trends on their shelves. It is a very interesting process that is constantly changing and the following are the top five current trends in the world of interior design:


This has always been a favourite for some while others have been uncomfortable with it. Whatever your feelings may be, this is a trend that is on its way back when it comes to décor. Whether it’s through wallpaper or accent décor, like pillows, you will likely see snake prints a lot more items this year.


This is another animal that is making a comeback. The truth is that animals will never go out of style and incorporating them in décor has always been trendy, although tigers, in particular, are very popular this year. Vintage figurines and unique wall prints are trendy, so you can give them a try.


Sharp corners and grid patterns in furniture have been popular these past few years; however, curves are on their way back. Tables, chairs and other furniture pieces are curvy and home furnishings are all incorporating this new trend. The next time you shop for a side table, you will be sure to notice that this trend has made its way through to different pieces of furniture.


In terms of colour, blush is on the rise. It is incredibly versatile because it is not overwhelming and can be used for a variety of pieces in a number of rooms. It’s not overly bright and because it is somewhat muted, you can incorporate solid coloured pieces or a hint of it. For example, you can place blush tone wallpaper in your bathrooms in a solid colour or choose to select wallpaper with blush prints or patterns.

Textured wall art

This is a great way of adding statement pieces to your home without choosing anything too overwhelming. Textured wall treatments are very trendy and you can choose large pieces that cover most of your wall or smaller pieces if you prefer something more subtle.

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