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A distinctive touch requires distinctive skills. Consult our certified contractors at Virtual Homez to create the home of your dreams, within budget. Our services cover every step of home building from material selection to finished construction. Have questions on design services, estimates, warranty or duration of the project? Book a free consultation to discuss your project.

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Do you have a design in mind for your custom home? Don’t have a fixed design in mind but have certain requirements? No problem. Our design architects at Virtual Homez can help you bring your vision to life as well as create custom constructions from the ground up if you need help. We provide concept designs, remodel your existing home, add rooms that fit your unique requirements and make it stress-free, fun and exciting through the journey, delivering the highest quality finishes that you envisioned. Custom homes allow you to add the personal touches you desire. From creating the floor plan to painting and cabinetry, adding smart home technology or eco-friendly innovations, we work with you from start to finish with exceptional attention to detail.


See your luxurious dream home come to life before we start the construction phase. We will build a virtual tour of your custom house to ensure everything you want is included. You can check out every room in your house, including the front and backyard, and give your final approval so we can get to work!

We use state-of-the-art computer programs and technology to design and render a scale model of the custom home you have always wanted. During the 3D phase, you will be able to see more details than the initial design phase will show. While taking your virtual tour, you will be able to see if you need anything updated or added. We will take your notes and alter the 3D design until you are fully satisfied with everything. After your approval, we will start the building process!

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At Virtual Homez, we employ professional tradespeople and contractors who always keep your budget and vision in mind during the construction process. Our team will be fully transparent during the building process to keep you in the loop about milestones and deadlines. All of our custom houses are built according to the law. We help you acquire the proper permits and every contractor we hire is fully licensed and experienced in building custom homes. We guarantee that all of our work is done to code and in accordance with all laws and by-laws. When we are completed with your custom home, we will go through the entire house with you to ensure you are overly satisfied with your new, custom home. This is your dream house, and our goal is to make you fall in love with it forever! We offer home renovations and can make future additions when you want to expand on your custom house.

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