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Interior design trends are always changing, and this year, in particular, has introduced us to some unique and very beautiful ideas that you can incorporate into your home. These trends will provide you with the change you need, so if you’re looking for a fresh start in 2021, consider the following styles:

Colourful décor

If you love bold designs and patterns, this trend will match your personal style because you can mix contrast patterns to create a unique scheme. You can create an eclectic mix with different scales of print and can use a couple of grounding common tones to bring the look and all of the patterns together. You can paint patterns on both your walls and your furniture and can mix large-scale designs with small-scale décor to create layers. This will add a unique touch to any room and will allow you to create a space that is both beautiful and playful.

Mix checks and stripes

Individually, these are very popular patterns, but you can now combine them for a fun trend that is becoming more and more popular. Mixing these classic patterns together will create a bold and unique appearance, especially if you mix and match them in different scales, as this will create the right balance.

Sculptural furniture

These pieces are very trendy at the moment because they provide drama and beauty and will elevate the appearance of any room. Shapely figures and organic forms can transform the theme of any space, and the best thing about this is that you can group different pieces together to create a unique look in any room within your home. Consider curved and shapely furniture as these will draw the eye.

Use yellow paint

This year demands a much needed fresh start, and there’s no better way of brightening up a space than to use a bold and bright colour like yellow. This will transform any space, and you will feel happier and lighter when you step into the room. There are different shades of yellow, so you can choose one that suits your style. If you’re concerned that this trend will feel overwhelming, you can paint one wall, which can serve as an accent piece, so you can play around with different ideas.

Incorporate vintage elements

This will provide you with a classy look that will stand out, so look for antique and repurposed items as they will help with this theme. For a cohesive aesthetic, use the less-is-more approach so that every piece stands out. Contrast is a must, and try building this theme gradually so that you don’t get carried away. Consider rich fabrics, statement lighting pieces and copper candlesticks for this look.

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