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Many of us feel limited with the rooms that we have but there are a number of design tricks that can help rooms feel bigger, and the following techniques will help you maximize the space in your home:

Put Up Mirrors

This is a very simple and effective way of opening up space, and any room will feel larger and more spacious as a result. Mirrors reflect light, which adds depth and this will make your home feel bright and airy. Mirrors that do not have heavy frames will create a greater effect, so stick to mirrors with minimal design features and intricate details. It is recommended that you place mirrors in darker areas of the room, as this will help bring light to every corner.

Use Neutral Tones When Painting The Room

Stay away from dark colours because they make spaces feel smaller. Stick to neutral and airy tones instead, as they will brighten up a room by bringing more light into it. Soft colour palettes are ideal as they will maximize the space, so stick to whites, beiges, light grays, and light blues. Adding rugs that are similar in colour will help enhance this effect as they will create the illusion of more space and if you want to take it one step further, you can try painting your ceiling a lighter shade than your walls, which would give the impression of higher ceilings.

Incorporate Clear Items Into Your D├ęcor

Transparent pieces will make a very big difference, so style your home with clear items because they will make your space feel less cluttered. You can look into glass tables, furniture pieces, and tableware, all of which will help you achieve this effect.

Be Creative When It Comes To Storage

If your home has limited space, you need to be smart with your storage solutions so that the room does not feel crowded. Look for multi-purpose items like ottomans that also serve as storage units because you can place extra pillows and blankets inside. There are also footstools that can act as tables or stools, so you do have options when it comes to different types of storage solutions.

Add Height To The Room

If you want your space to feel bigger, you need to add the perception of height and the way to do this is by drawing the eyes up through the use of statement pieces. Bold light fixtures and paintings are great examples of items you can use to achieve this effect. Even simple features like tables and chairs that are set on legs will help create a more spacious environment, so you do have options.

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