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Metallic fixtures and accessories are very popular, but it is important that you choose the right coloured metal finishes to complement your home.

Hardware, faucets and lighting are all main items that homeowners interact with and metallic can be found on all of these features. These are items that you will see daily, so you need to spend some time choosing the right finishes because they will add to your home décor and you will enjoy your space a lot more as a result. You may think these items are unimportant but the reality is that they do stand out and you can use them to your advantage in terms of style. Gold fixtures are very popular at the moment and are being placed in newly renovated kitchens to set the tone for the décor. A lot of people do not pay attention to their fixtures but they are a part of every room in your home and can add to their story.

Some people find gold to be too bold but it is available in softer tones and range in colour from strong yellows to lighter tints. You can also choose from high gloss or matte finishes, depending on your style preferences and the other surfaces surrounding them. Orange-based metals like rose gold and copper are growing in popularity and are considered very modern. They can transform a room and will add an earthy feel to any space. If you want something safe, you can choose black because the contrast this metal finish will provide will make a room pop, and your fixtures and accessories will really stand out. You can also combine stainless steel, chrome, black, gold and copper accents if you prefer a look that is bolder and a lot of contemporary kitchens are choosing to do this because it creates a beautiful space and allows the right pieces to pop.

One of the most popular trends with metal at the moment is having faucets and light fixtures in two tones. This would allow you to have a small amount of one colour while combining it with your preferred metal colour. This is a great option if you find gold to be too overwhelming and can have a small amount of it for statement fixtures while keeping all of your other pieces in a more subtle metal colour that you are comfortable with.

You can also have more than one metal colour in your home by mixing colour combinations and finishes. Or you can choose one colour for a specific room and another colour for another space. You can have gold coloured metal in your living room and silver in your bedroom, for example.

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