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Frequently Asked Questions

Our team of custom home builders understands how challenging and stressful a renovation project can be, and we are here to help with every aspect of the process. We will ensure your experience is a positive one and will do everything in our power to make sure every client is happy. Here at Virtual Homes, we specialize in home renovations and custom homes, and our interior designers will make sure you love the inside of your house just as much as the exterior.

If you are planning on renovating your house or are interested in building a custom home, you likely have a number of questions because these are big projects, and there are a lot of decisions involved.

The following are questions we are asked frequently:

  • How can I come up with a realistic budget?
  • Which aspects of renovation and construction can you help with?
  • How long does a renovation project take? How accurate is the completion date?
  • Do you have a general contractor who can help with the project?
  • Are you licensed, and do you have proper insurance? Can you offer us a warranty for your work?
  • Do I need to get a permit?
  • Will you find all of the materials required for the job, and will you hire subcontractors?
  • Can you help with the design aspect as well?

We will gladly answer every one of these questions and more, and our answers will be based on your needs and your project specifically. We will provide you with details so that you can make informed decisions, and our goal is always the same; the successful completion of your project.

Our expert builders are skilled and have experience building custom homes, so you will get the results you are after. If you want to work with reputable interior designers and professional custom home builders, we can help, so if you are in the Mississauga area and are ready for your dream home, give us a call today!

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