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Expanding your living space is a great idea because it will make your home more enjoyable while increasing the value of your property as well. There are different ways of increasing your living space, and basement lowering is a great way of doing this.

Many homeowners do not realize that this is an option but basement lowering, which is also known as underpinning, is definitely something to consider. The process involves digging out your basement foundation to raise the height of your ceiling and is often done when a basement is not full-height. It is an intensive process because the existing foundation must be removed very carefully; otherwise, the structural integrity of your home may become compromised. This would be very problematic, so the process must be done in a carefully engineered fashion to prevent this from happening. It is a complicated process but if done properly, it will make any basement less claustrophobic and more livable.

If you are interested in lowering your basement, a permit must be obtained, and a city inspector or qualified engineer will have to visit your home during specific steps of the process to ensure it is being done correctly. Generally, homeowners can remain in their homes while the underpinning process is going on, and the job will usually take a month or so to complete. It is extremely important that you hire professional contractors that carry liability insurance that specifically names underpinning, so make sure you check on this aspect.

There are several steps involved in this project, including the following:

Removing the Flooring
The existing floor and slab must be ripped up to reach the earth below. Jackhammers and sledgehammers can be used, and while this step is headache inducing, it can generally be done within a day or two.

This involves digging out the basement in portions and extending the foundation wall as you go. This must be done strategically so that the foundation can continue to hold up the house.

Since your basement will be taller than it was, you will have to renovate the space so that it can be used. Plumbing, waterproofing, heating and insulation are all aspects that need to be taken care of before you install your new concrete basement flooring.

This type of project should only be completed by professionals, and Virtual Homes in Toronto can help. We specialize in home renovations of every kind, and our custom home builders are experts in this field. Our interior designers will take care of the design aspect, so if you’re ready for your dream home or want to improve the house you currently have, give us a call today!