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2020 has arrived and with every new year comes new trends! We’re constantly looking for new ways to revamp, redecorate and refresh our homes and offices. A new year is a perfect time to give your interior space a fresh, new start. However, it can be challenging and confusing to know exactly where to begin and what elements to include to enhance your interior. 

Transform your home into a comfortable yet chic space with the latest trends introduced this year. Check out what those four popular interior design trends are below.

1. Never Enough Neutrals

Neutral colours made a huge splash in the interior design scene a few years ago. Neutral greys, beige, warm whites and brown colours were ubiquitous, found on the walls and furniture of homes all across North America. With their classic, subtle and calm shades, neutral colours have been a popular choice to fit in with virtually any interior and style. This year, we’re primarily seeing a shift towards neutral greys and beige as cooler neutrals can be perfectly combined with more vibrant pieces and art without overwhelming the room.

2. Velvet

Yes, you heard that right! Velvet is making an exciting comeback into the world of interior design. 2020 is the year where velvet sofas, chairs and carpets reign supreme as one of the essential interior design trends. Velvet is truly the perfect combination of luxury and relaxation. The options for velvet furniture have expanded, with more incredibly modern, stylish interior pieces than before. From vibrant velvet blues, oranges, taupes and reds, the velvet possibilities are endless.

3. Black and White

Two completely stark shades, black and white interior spaces have won over homeowners and become the favourite style choice for interior designers. Clean, classic and simplistic, black and white can be styled in a variety of different ways; whether you choose to incorporate a few black and white furniture pieces, have all walls painted white and furniture black or design it in a completely unique way to you. The black and white pattern, textile and style variations are endless and choosing how you want to implement this trend into your space will be a lively task on its own.

4. Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns and textiles have become a fairly trendy interior design over the last few years. Geometric patterns have appeared on virtually all furniture pieces, wallpaper designs, art, flooring styles and more. As it is a busy pattern, it can easily be overdone. That’s why it’s imperative to the overall complete aesthetic of your home to make a statement with only a few items.

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