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If you are looking for a new build in the Toronto area, you have two main options. The first is a production home and the second is custom. Both have advantages and disadvantages, it comes down to a matter of personal preference, location, and budget.

What is a production home?

A production home is a new build, these homes are semi-custom and frequently are built in new subdivisions or a few at a time. The exterior of the homes may look similar or even the exact same. The floor plan is already laid out and the guessing work is taken out of room sizing and floor plans. Production builders have built the same homes time and time again, though they may offer a few plans for you to choose from.


You will be getting a new build home in a reasonable amount of time. Because the builders have crafted the same homes a hundred times over, they probably have it down to a near science.

You can still customize some things in the home. You will most likely be able to select different finishes within the home and choose your paint colours as well.

The cost of production homes is definitely a plus. Because the company mainly builds one kind of home, they may be able to get discounts on the building materials and you could end up paying considerably less money than if you were to build the same house with a custom company.


You really do have limited freedom with production houses. If you are building a new home, and really want to make it your own, you won’t have that option with a production home. The inflexibility extends to all areas throughout the home. You will choose everything from a small fixed list of “custom options,” if you don’t like any, that’s most unfortunate.

What is a custom home?

A custom home is whatever you want it to be. You work with a custom home company to design, construct, and decorate your home exactly how you like it. With custom homes, your only limitations come down to physics and your budget. Custom homes are perfect in Toronto, where the lots are unconventional, small or obscure land plots.


Your options are completely unlimited, from outside, to inside, all the way to finishing touches.

Your home will be completely one of a kind. If you come up with a floor plan all on your own, no one will have the same house as you.

You can work with whatever designer you want. Each designer has their own style and design strengths, so you can choose which one will work best for you.


Non-fixed budget. One thing about custom builds is that they have the potential to go over budget, depending on the cost of materials.

Unexpected issues can increase the length of your project.

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