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Basements offer many uses to homeowners, whether that be as a gym space, game zone, food storage, or an area for small gatherings. In order to make this possible, renovation needs to take place in your basement – but it is not as simple as just that. There are many things that should be planned out before hiring a contractor. If you want to find the best finish and remodelling service providers in GTA, make sure to consider the following factors:


Think about how high or low your budget is. You can find out by checking out various websites of remodelling service providers in the GTA. This will position you in a better position when it comes to drafting a reasonable budget.


If you want to have the perfect renovation, you cannot pick any available contractor. It is strongly recommended to look through reviews to see if past clients were satisfied with their work, and are willing to recommend them. You can conduct a Google search to look through their website’s review section as well as the comments, likes, or retweets on their social media platforms. Do not hesitate to also ask friends or family members for referrals, and interview potential contractors.


No matter how desperate you are for this project to come into fruition, you do not want it to take longer than necessary. Make sure to ask the company about the duration of time it will take to complete tasks, like throwing out drywall, flooring, lumber, and any other material. It is also worth noting that the time it will take to complete everything depends on the size of the project. Contractors can take approximately four to eight weeks. But if they are dealing with a bigger project, they should not be rushed, and take all the time that is required to ensure the best results possible.

How Much Will It Cost to Finish Your Basement in the GTA?

The total amount that you will have to spend in the end will be based on the kind of finishing that you desire. The finishing that you want will also depend on what you want to do with the basement. You are likely to spend $25 to $50 per square foot, and an average total amount that you can expect to spend is $30,000 from start to finish.

A Basement Finish Guide

From start to finish, you need to supervise the contractors. Otherwise, certain problems can be overlooked, and the project will not offer desirable results. If you carefully follow the steps outlined below, you will know what to expect, and be able to better prepare yourself:


It is necessary for a basement to have a proper level of preparation. It creates space to brainstorm and incorporate different ideas, and also be mindful of important precautions. In order to renovate your basement in GTA, you will be expected to get a permit from your local authority. Without it, you can still continue your project, but it will be difficult to resell the property if you do not have the right papers. In addition, you need to know the required equipment for finishing. You can either have your hardware organize the delivery to your house or allow the contractors to take care of everything.

Damp Areas

After you have all of the permits and requirements, you should put all of your attention towards the basement. Check for damp areas on the walls, ceiling, and floors. The contractor will then use a dehumidifier to reduce and maintain humidity levels, and can even waterproof the basement, if asked.

Required Materials

For this particular step, the contractor will need your input on the design of your renovation and the direction you want to take. You will be asked some questions, like whether you want a drop ceiling or an exposed one, or if you prefer drywall or plaster. All of these questions are crucial and should be discussed with your contractor ahead of time. You need to also think about other aspects, like the type of insulation, wall materials, ceiling flooring, utility location, the colour of paint, and the trim styles you want.

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