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Renovating a kitchen is a major home project and requires a ton of consideration financially, stylistically, and functionally. Before you step into the world of kitchen renovations, consider the seven following factors.


When you start to think about renovating your kitchen, you should know that it isn’t an easy or quick process. This is a multistep process that is going to be a task for both you and your wallet. Before you begin, get real with yourself and a feasible budget. The costs of materials alone can run as high as $50,000, so determining your budget will give you and your designer a realistic look at what can be done with the space.


Next, make sure you know what kind of finishes you want to have in your kitchen. Are you looking for stainless steel appliances? How about a more traditional look? One thing you should keep in mind is that all your finishes should match. Matching finishes make for a much cleaner finished kitchen look and provides a timeless space in the heart of your home.


Based on your budget, you can determine what kind of countertops you want. There are endless options to choose from. You can choose granite, marble, quartz, engineered stone, wood, tile, metal, or acrylic. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to some stone options, you can opt for acrylic. Laminate and solid surface countertops are some of the cheaper options, where metal and soapstone can run tight on lower budgets.

Flow and layout

The layout and flow of your new kitchen is not something you want to underestimate. Make sure there is enough counter space to prepare meals, and that your kitchen provides enough space for the number of people who will be in it at any given time. A designer can help break this down for you and communicate it effectively to your contractor or renovation team.


Choosing a colour for your kitchen is a balancing act. You want to make sure all your finishes, cabinets, and countertops work together harmoniously. Ensuring this will prove to be a very essential part of any kitchen renovation. Taking your time with this step will make or break your new kitchen.


Stick to one style in your kitchen. Don’t go overboard with crazy different finishes and make sure everything in your kitchen has a dedicated purpose. If you want a contemporary kitchen, don’t add traditional countertops. If you are adding an island, add storage underneath to keep clutter at bay.

Be reasonable

Finally, be reasonable. Be reasonable with your timeframe and your budget. Kitchen renovations take time, cutting them short or rushing them could leave you with major problems after the fact, both physically and stylistically.

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