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Creating your dream home is everyone’s goal, but sometimes you already have it and only require a few design secrets to make your current home the one of your dreams. Check out these five tips to take your home to the next level.

Get Creative

Get creative with your designs, take inspiration from wherever you like then make it your own. Include the finishes and style you like, then add your own spin. Try adding a DIY interior wall or mapping out a gallery wall full of pictures and paintings that are important to you. Get creative with colour schemes branching out from the typical white grey aesthetic even.

Figure out a floor plan

If you are looking to revamp your house, organize the right floor plan for your space. By setting out a floor plan, you are able to visualize the space and make any structural, stylistic, or design corrections that you need to make. You should determine if you want an open or closed floor plan and how you want each space to flow into the next.

Master bathroom is a must

Don’t underestimate the importance of a master bathroom, whether it’s an ensuite or just a regular master bathroom, you will spend time each day in the space. It is critical to develop the space into one that you can find comfort in while applying your own style. Try spicing things up with powder finishes on your hardware for a pop of colour and to liven up the space.

Embrace eyesores

In each home, you may find yourself thinking, “wow, this post in the middle of the house” or “this beam on the ceiling really takes away from the space.” It doesn’t have to, though. Add colour or detail to it and make something you can’t avoid be something you love to look at instead. Add a coloured paint or a beautiful piece of art to transform your eyesores into beauty.

Dont stop making changes

Don’t feel like you’ve locked yourself into a contract with the changes you make. You can always paint, rearrange furniture, or add art to any space and prove whole new meaning. One of the biggest design secrets is that nothing is permanent. You can always add to a complete process, that is what makes it fun. As people, we are always aware of the ever-changing lives we live, make sure you can adapt your home to that as well. Find a few permanent pieces in your spaces, then continue to add or subtract so that you always have your dream home.

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